So What Now? The Roadmap For 2021, And Beyond:

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I’ve taken that first step, and left a footprint on a path that millions of others have trodden on—So, now what? And why should you, dear readers, carry on supporting my blog? Well, all will be revealed right here, right now! We’ve got a lot of ground to cover today, so buckle in!

As I’ve already said in my last article, my blog is a testing ground for my own creative experimentation: It’s here where I’ll see what works and what doesn’t, while developing my own creative style in the process. I’ll be dabbling with poetry (a-given considering why I created this website in the first place), but I’ll also be posting reviews and mini-essays, with the occasional curveball too!

However, without a sense of structure, I know that my whole project will turn into a deck of cards left in the path of a tornado. Coherency is key, a tutor of mine once said, and honestly, he wasn’t lying.

Art by Elysia Womersley (@elysiaart)

So, without further ado, here’s my roadmap for my blog going forward:

You can expect one new blog every week!

I wish I could promise you more right now, but sadly university work is taking up a good portion of my time. It’s something I’ve chosen to prioritise above all else, because it’s basically my whole future.  

On the opposite note now: Come summer, I’ll have lots more free time on my hands, and if things are panning out as they are, I can’t see any reason not to produce more content.

But wait, there’s more!

Over these next three weeks, I’ll be posting a mini-series on the basics of writing your very own poetry! Yes, that’s right! I’ll be telling you everything you need to know about writing poems. This little “beginner’s guide” will cover things from stanzas to rhyme schemes, and everything else in between.

So, if you really want to write your poems, but don’t know how, then this’ll be for you! Or, if you’re just interested more in the inner workings of poetry, and just want to get your head around them, then this’ll also be for you!

Art by Elysia Womersley (@elysiaart)

As I believe that information should be accessible to all, there won’t be a pay wall for this content. Yes, that’s right, it’s totally free for everyone. Now you don’t have to subscribe to that online poetry course you’ve been eyeing up ever since last lockdown, eh?

In the meantime, if you’re really, really craving my poetry and fiction, then why not check out my Instagram account @electri_fried? I’ve posted a few poems on there already, and they’ll give you a real taste to the flavour of my style. If want the ‘fullest experience’ of what I do, then please follow me on that platform (I also have a Facebook account, but that’s reserved for friends and family only—sorry!).

Alternatively, you can always just check out these links right here.

This one will direct you to a review of ‘There’s No Place Like Home’, a collection of student work that was done for charity in the summer of 2020[1]:

(fun fact: It was the first time my work was honourably mentioned in an article done by a legit online review website!)

And this one will take you to my poem ‘Sparrow’, published on Manchester Metropolitan University’s student magazine (Aah! Magazine) in December of last year. ‘Sparrow’ deals with the theme of hope, and one person’s journey in finding a new lease of life in the most unexpected of ways. The poem can be found here:

Now, the digital drawing that was done for my poem was drawn by a certain Elysia Womersley, AKA @elysiaart. She’s the one who’s created all these teasing images for poems I’ll put on this space sometime soon (if life doesn’t throw another essay on my table again). She’s a very good artist too, so why don’t you give her account some love?

Sadly, ladies and gentlemen, that’s all I have to say, for now…

See you all very soon!


[1] On the 1st year anniversary of it’s publication I’ll return to ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ in a special article. But that’s a secret between us!


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