Quick Update: Good news everyone!

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After a few weeks of talking with the Creative Directors of aAh Magazine, I’m very happy to announce that a further two poems of mine have selected for publication on their online sites!

Those with the memory of an elephant, aAh magazine is a name that might ring a bell. That’s because, when I officially started my WordPress Blog in January, I mentioned that my (first) poem for aAh mag was selected for publication—the link for which is below:


I really can’t shout out the amazing things that aAh Magazine’s Creative Team do. I’m one of many newbie writers that have benefited (a lot!) from their decision to publish our poems. Without them taking a chance on people like me, it’ll be a lot harder for us to get a foot in the door of the creative scene. I look forward to working with them in the future!

And how can I forget to mention the lovely people in Manchester Metropolitan University’s Poetry Society! Huge thanks to them! They helped to tweak the poems and transform them into the best versions they can be. The Poetry Society is a bunch of creative and imaginative poets, so please support them in every way possible, either by following them on social media (Instagram: @mmupoetrysociety) or by joining the society if you’re studying at Man Met Uni.

Sadly, I can’t quite say when these poems will be open to view for the public, all I know is that it’ll be happening soonish. So, why not subscribe to aAh magazine, and never miss a beat!

Once again, huge thanks to everyone involved.

Will keep you updated,



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