While hosting a Writing Workshop for Man Met’s Poetry Society, I got participants to take a book from their childhood, and transform it into a poem. Though it was not an original activity (in fact, remaking texts into something new formed an entire module in my studies), I added a little flair to the exercise. Participants could re-tell the whole story, write a poem about a moment that stands out to them, or add a little twist!

Gone, as the title suggests, is my remake of a teenage novel series also known as ‘Gone’ . Written by the massively under-rated Michael Grant, the novels take elements from ‘The Lord of the Flies’, mythology, and the superhero genre, to create a fabulous ‘what if’ story that tears apart the lie of childhood innocence, exposing that kids have the capacity to be just as volatile and violent as adults in the absence of order.

What do you think of this poem? Let me know in the comments below, or by liking this poem. Don’t be afraid of sharing your opinions!


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