See me in my (first) podcast!

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Testing, testing…

Hi everyone!

Podcasts are trendy, and I’m a trendy guy. Like sweet and sour we go together, a complimentary dish that everybody can enjoy. But there’s a problem: I’ve never actually recorded or even featured on a podcast!

Until today!

I’ve teamed up with fellow MMU students in the Philosophy Society to talk about poetry, and the impact that art in general can have on our lives. You can even hear an exclusive reading (ooh!) of my poem Cernunnos in the podcast, which you can read here:

Philosophy And Poetry

So, this has been a new experience (and quite scary) for me. Thanks MMU Philosophy Society for this opportunity!

You can find me talking about my passion for writing on ‘The Quagmire Episode 20’, which can be found on the Philosophy Society’s YouTube Channel (MMU PhilSoc). If you haven’t done so already, please like, comment, and share this video, or, if you like to hear discussions about philosophy, why not subscribe to their channel?

Here’s a link for the podcast–check it out!

I’m on the left!

Once again, thanks to MMU PhilSoc and, more importantly, thank you, my humble viewers!

© Thomas Gallimore Barker, 2021


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