My Interview with aAh! Magazine

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Over the years my writing career has been greatly nurtured by the immense support I have recieved from aAh! Magazine . aAh! is Manchester Metropolitan University’s official arts and culture student magazine, and have been an integral component of the student experience at Manchester Metropolitan University. Without their ‘Spotlights’ of Student Societies, and the creative potential of its students, then All-Saints Campus would be a much more melancholic place.

Of course, I’m not only involved with aAh! Mag currently. In fact, I’m currently the Vice Chair and Treasurer of the Poetry Society at MMU. Its because of this that I’ve been interviewed by aAh! Magazine!

To hear more about my role in the Poetry Society, and what the society does, then either access the link above, or copy+paste it into an online search engine. Once again, thanks to aAh Mag and the Poetry Society for everything they’ve done!

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© Thomas Gallimore Barker, 2021



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