.stu : OUT NOW!!!

‘.stu’ is the guide for those 18–21-year-old students coming to Manchester, who form 86% of those coming into the city. It’s a magazine that’s casual yet despite being informative, capable of fitting into any Fresher’s Fair in Manchester. From helping you style on a budget, to the top clothing stores around, we help students to know about the city in a way they haven’t seen before. For advertisers, like museums and galleries, ‘.stu’ will provide the perfect space to showcase your exhibitions off to new students. Come with us as we dive into what makes Manchester great, like the architecture which has provided such a strong visual identity for the bustling metropolis. You’ll be able to pick us up twice a year, September & January, so you’ll stay up to date on everything and anything that is Manchester.

In case you can’t preview the magazine above, access this link: https://issuu.com/selinipublishing/docs/stu_final_copy_page_?fr=sN2IwYzQ3MzEwNzc

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© Thomas Gallimore Barker, 2021



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