Yours truly!

Thomas Gallimore Barker: Chief Energiser, Head Honcho of Electrify.

Hello there! I’m Thomas, but everyone calls me Tom around here. This blog is a passion project of mine that has been buzzing with energy since January 2021. When you come to my site, expect energy, and lots of it. I’ve got such in interest in all things writing that you can probably power all of Staffordshire if you just taped me to a turbine! From poetry to prose, and everything in-between, this powerhouse generates it all.

This website is not the only place where you can find my works. Apart from my Instagram account (@_3lectrify_), I have poems and other works published elsewhere:

  • ‘There’s No Place Like Home’, an anthology of contemporary student-created content, published independently on Etsy in 2020 to raise money for the charity MIND.
  • The.Short.Mag July 2021 Issue of haiku poetry, around the theme of Summer.
  • The first (2021) Anthology of Manchester Metropolitan University’s Poetry Society.
  • ‘Write Where We Are Now’
  • aAh Magazine, the student magazine of Manchester Metropolitan University.
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