When you’re at the end, all you see is the ledge.

After three years of studying English and Creative Writing, a new period of my life has begun. Here, I reflect on what has been. I look around a room and see a cluttered mess. What has been a year worths of trinkets and memories have been stacked away neatly, in plastic boxes littering the floor.Continue reading “When you’re at the end, all you see is the ledge.”

My Interview with aAh! Magazine

Over the years my writing career has been greatly nurtured by the immense support I have recieved from aAh! Magazine . aAh! is Manchester Metropolitan University’s official arts and culture student magazine, and have been an integral component of the student experience at Manchester Metropolitan University. Without their ‘Spotlights’ of Student Societies, and the creativeContinue reading “My Interview with aAh! Magazine”

Lovers, Warlocks, and Fighters: Talking about Writing in Genres

Feelings: Writing in Genres was originally challenging because I felt out of depth when it came to writing in the module’s chosen genres. I had previously thought that crime-writing and writing romance was not ‘my thing’. Over the course of the module, I changed my opinion when it came to crime writing because of myContinue reading “Lovers, Warlocks, and Fighters: Talking about Writing in Genres”

Two Parts Halved

I know this may seem strange, but there’s things that I’d like to say before we inevitably become strangers again. Truth be told, I feel that this is stupid, borderline manipulative, downright creepy. But what I feel about us are important said rather than kept quiet. After all, I don’t want to see either youContinue reading “Two Parts Halved”

“Life is but a day at most”: Celebrating Burns Night in 2022

In the lead-up to my performance in MMU’s Student Union Burns Night celebration, I’d like to spend some time honouring the timeless Scotsman Robert Burns. A True Scotsman On this special day, I’d like to spend a few minutes talking about the legend. As you can probably tell, I’m no Scotsman (apologies in advance ifContinue reading ““Life is but a day at most”: Celebrating Burns Night in 2022″


Hi everyone! Puritanism was submitted as part of aAh Mag’s August and September theme: FREEDOM. Access the link below to read my poem on their website. aAh! is Manchester Metropolitan University’s official student magazine; they’re really good guys, so please support them as much as you can! Creative Submission: ‘Puritanism’ by Thomas Gallimore Barker IfContinue reading “Puritanism”

Is this the end of the line?

A new chapter begins in the story of my life. Will what came before continue to mean something? Must good things come to an end? Life is change, is it not? We can’t always stay in the past, as comfortable as it may be, because living is about moving. To strive, to seek as TennysonContinue reading “Is this the end of the line?”

See me in my (first) podcast!

Testing, testing… Hi everyone! Podcasts are trendy, and I’m a trendy guy. Like sweet and sour we go together, a complimentary dish that everybody can enjoy. But there’s a problem: I’ve never actually recorded or even featured on a podcast! Until today! I’ve teamed up with fellow MMU students in the Philosophy Society to talkContinue reading “See me in my (first) podcast!”

The Purest Pantheon, Dais Four

‘til death do us part escaped their twisted lips as the dancers clutch one another in lover’s embrace, squeezing the life out of each other— a newlywed couple shedding their disgrace before they flick the tongue of their knifes into skin. No hard feelings, their knifes mutter, slipping intimately in an act of mutual penetration,Continue reading “The Purest Pantheon, Dais Four”