Free Palestine

TW: This blog will cover current events in Israel-Palestine, covering topics such as violence, murder and genocide. I strongly recommend that you engage with this blog with a healthy state of mind. Free Palestine [A Poem]: Rockets fly like fireflies in a cemetery, cracking the midnight sky as they buzz their harsh lullaby, swamping restlessContinue reading “Free Palestine”

So What Now? The Roadmap For 2021, And Beyond:

I’ve taken that first step, and left a footprint on a path that millions of others have trodden on—So, now what? And why should you, dear readers, carry on supporting my blog? Well, all will be revealed right here, right now! We’ve got a lot of ground to cover today, so buckle in! As I’veContinue reading “So What Now? The Roadmap For 2021, And Beyond:”

Taking That First Step

July 21st, 1969: Beads of sweat trickle off apprehensive faces, watching a momentous event take flight in front of their very eyes. They are powerless to stop it now. Years of posing hypotheticals, millions of tests and dozens of setbacks have led to this one moment. And all of it could disappear in seconds. EveryoneContinue reading “Taking That First Step”