Two Parts Halved

I know this may seem strange, but there’s things that I’d like to say before we inevitably become strangers again. Truth be told, I feel that this is stupid, borderline manipulative, downright creepy. But what I feel about us are important said rather than kept quiet. After all, I don’t want to see either youContinue reading “Two Parts Halved”

The Cat, the Bat, the Rat and the Owl

In a faraway land, in a faraway time, there were three brother’s fair: Elder Brother, Younger Brother, and Middle Brother. Although they came from humble origins, all three were born with the striking features of Princes: Smooth skin, finely set faces, and golden hair. The Younger Brother had a good head on his shoulders, spendingContinue reading “The Cat, the Bat, the Rat and the Owl”

Isaac ‘Zack’ Montgomery

Trigger Warning(s): This short fiction contains examples of, or links to, content that features (or alludes to) verbal abuse/threats, dysfunctional relationships and households, divorce, and cheating/affairs.  Reader discretion is strongly advised. Isaac ‘Zack’ Montgomery: At rest on 15th June 2016 at Staffordshire Area Hospital, Isaac ‘Zack’ Montgomery, aged 74 years, of Stoke-On-Trent, Staffs. The husband of FionaContinue reading “Isaac ‘Zack’ Montgomery”

Chance Encounter

Want me to start from the beginning? Ok sure. About 2:30 in the afternoon, I’m waiting in Manchester Piccadilly—Nothing new. I stand there, half absorbed by what’s going on another platform some ways away. A blind guy was berating a ticket warden over some “illuminating revelation” he had three Fridays pasts. Real surreal shit. AnyhowContinue reading “Chance Encounter”

We were just following orders

We were just following orders. For you it is a feeble excuse. But, then again, you are not the ones with chains around your ankles, and rags your only possession in this world—you have made sure of that. We had no choice. We had to do what we had to. Not for fear of Caesar’sContinue reading “We were just following orders”

Fu’s Gamble

Jiayi Fu, a professional gambler, walks away from a high-stakes game with a great haul of winnings. In the gambling circuit, you win some, and you lose some. Jiayi Fu strode out of the game hall with a skip in his stride, a heavy wallet and a Cheshire-cat grin on his face. Oh boy, heContinue reading “Fu’s Gamble”

Beedle The Bard’s Chronicles Of Tall-Tales: ‘The Frog Prince’ and ‘The Frog Princess’.

Up in the dank loft of his house, a muggle finds a fading chronicle authored by a writer whose name is a mystery to us all. Making it his life’s work to preserve what’s left of the chronicle, the boy decides the internet is the greatest place of all to store this hidden wonder ofContinue reading “Beedle The Bard’s Chronicles Of Tall-Tales: ‘The Frog Prince’ and ‘The Frog Princess’.”

The Relict: Twilight Wars

In my homage to the 2000AD sci-fi universe I grew up with, a ‘connie finds himself at the wrong end of a barrel. The question is, will he make it? “Don’t worry, bud, we’ll be outta this joint be-”  A white-hot beam refracted across the man’s face, its explosion of light blinding Gavill painfully forContinue reading “The Relict: Twilight Wars”

Old Hags Nag

In this short story by Thomas Gallimore Barker, two of the strangest people are reunited under the most strangest circumstances. Will they creep it real, or are they tricking themselves silly? I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout for this year’s convention. Having tens of thousands in the same hall deserved its own little celebration.Continue reading “Old Hags Nag”