From the archives, ‘Tarneeb’ is my first try at writing a Ghazal. Hope you enjoy! In a bāzār sat four Persian Sheiks, nock-knees under the table                              playing Tarneeb—none willing to lose a single pisar. Fearing their wives beating them into agar, the Sheiks eyed the dough on the table, which could buy nine of theContinue reading “Tarneeb”

Meadows Strip

A Fitzgeraldian imagination of Las Vegas merges with the haibun in an exploration of an idealised cityscape. Sunlight through the dark nights illuminates the sand from fields of plazas, a blinding epiphany. I have heard many rumours in my life. Many were downright lies, and many more were over-exaggerations of some truth. It’s always beenContinue reading “Meadows Strip”

Golden Spade (in conversation with Seamus Heaney)

the spade sinks                  into gravelly ground: my father digging             we look down. his sight sees                      remnants of a crown, from Spear-Danes             cut savagely down. in murky mires                   a blotched brown; a holds-hoard                     under musty mound. of flourished folk               sway they spell bound decayed desires bare        without sound. bleached bones clutch      just one touch! Lost legendsContinue reading “Golden Spade (in conversation with Seamus Heaney)”