The Legend of the White Whale: Unabridged

Eons ago, long before tides moved and moons shadowed everyone with their gloom, She Who Invites stirred the primeval ocean and birthed four sons. Free on the high seas they were bejewelled islands, a jaded necklace glimmering on the world’s breast. Floating far away from desert sands and dry land, caught like gulls in theContinue reading “The Legend of the White Whale: Unabridged”

The Legend of the White Whale: Finale!

Brushes went up her spine, jellied heart from a beating rush. What hope did she have, against a creature lighter than sand? Still she threw iron bolts, which flew mighty high! One. Two. Three. All passed through the skeleton-whale. Twelve. Eighteen. Nineteen spears tipped with steel didn’t leave a mark! Now, dear children, it wasContinue reading “The Legend of the White Whale: Finale!”

The Legend of the White Whale: Part Two

Lightning flickered like tongues, their forks revealing in the salty dross the fleeting sight of a crushing dorsal fin. What beast could it be? My children I swear, that it was fifty hundred spans by a dozen leagues across! Such a spectacle could not be washed from the water, unless cleansed by human hands. FishingContinue reading “The Legend of the White Whale: Part Two”