My Purest Pantheon, Dais Two

A rendering of tendons: Two kings in a tug of war, where ropes are tender muscles— a battle between siamese twins, who want to be two rather than whole. Their snapping sinews frozen, seconds from exploding. Imagine the pain of being stuck in that state— on the verge of death, yet trapped in purgatory wrappedContinue reading “My Purest Pantheon, Dais Two”

The Purest Pantheon, I enter

It shouldn’t be here, a bloated boil, all grey and sore on the skin of the city eclipsing the day with its dome, whose mould makes mountains— choking the spirit with the stench of corruption. I can picture it in its older days: baroque bars that held the dome up as though strutting the placeContinue reading “The Purest Pantheon, I enter”

Iron Henry

Hi all! I’m once again delighted to tell you all about my latest collaboration with aAh! Magazine, Manchester Metropolitan University’s official arts and culture student magazine. The latest poem is ‘Iron Henry’, a From the Archive poem that was redrafted to perfection with the wonderful assistance of the magazine’s Creative Editors. Iron Henry remodels theContinue reading “Iron Henry”

Tea with the Hatter

“What happens when you combine horror with Alice and Wonderland?” I explored this rabbit hole, following each of its dark tunnels until, eventually, I re-emerged with the shadow of a horrific, hybrid idea; the above is what it grew up to be… What do you think of this poem? Let me know in the commentsContinue reading “Tea with the Hatter”