Pond Skater (in conversation with Matsuo Basho)

My roof is the heaven, where a wanderer can ply the stars. A loner on still ponds— so, let that be my name: plyer of the sky’s seas. Summer sun guides me to the first winter rain, so I can find nature’s peace. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below, orContinue reading “Pond Skater (in conversation with Matsuo Basho)”

Where The Tall-Grass Grows

Blades slice the land wide into a gaping maw, stroking your thighs in the sea breeze, coughing a salty tang that dries your tongue, as cackling gulls flow in the westerly wind— circling the lighthouse, sketching a bold white line on blue paper, as though saying you’ve made it here. What do you think? LetContinue reading “Where The Tall-Grass Grows”


My name was a hushed wonder scrubbed across hills, with chalk symbols declaring my godhood to the shimmering heavens. Humans asked for my permission, and mine alone, to feed off my cornucopia. As an infant would suckle on their mother’s breast, the juiciest apples, fertile land, healthy animals; everything. But they worship at other altarsContinue reading “Cernunnos”

The rockies and home

An exploration of the meanings of home and nature, and what it means to be homeless, this poem is a ‘Stream of Consciousness’ that was written following a prompt that was given during a Poetry Health Service (PHS) Workshop that was hosted by the wonderful Hafsah Bashir, on behalf of Man Met Uni’s Poetry SocietyContinue reading “The rockies and home”

A Stuffed Fox In A Rouge Box

A stuffed Fox in a Rouge Box, surfing through back-yards and tufts of grass— like big kahuna waves, bold as brass! Rummaging for meat that’s crass. Plastic and elastic fill the interior space where life once belonged, soul sent to the afterlife by the clinical slices from a taxidermist’s knife: Stuffing, wire, and its killer’sContinue reading “A Stuffed Fox In A Rouge Box”

We strangle nature’s bough

Towards the end of last week, in a blog article of mine (https://electrifyinglylit.com/2021/05/30/quick-update-good-news-everyone/), I mentioned that two poems of mine have been selected by aAh! Magazine for publication on their website. I’m vey happy to announce that the first of these, ‘We strangle nature’s bough’, has now been uploaded on their website–the link for whichContinue reading “We strangle nature’s bough”

Tyger Tyger, stuffed alright

Tyger Tyger, stuffed alright, Stuck in a glass cube all day and night; What childish eye, Would see the animal with such fright? In what far away jungles. Did it make its prey crumble? On which lands did he aspire? In which paw did seized prey respire? And what far-off lands did his beady eyesContinue reading “Tyger Tyger, stuffed alright”