Lovers, Warlocks, and Fighters: Talking about Writing in Genres

Feelings: Writing in Genres was originally challenging because I felt out of depth when it came to writing in the module’s chosen genres. I had previously thought that crime-writing and writing romance was not ‘my thing’. Over the course of the module, I changed my opinion when it came to crime writing because of myContinue reading “Lovers, Warlocks, and Fighters: Talking about Writing in Genres”

Is this the end of the line?

A new chapter begins in the story of my life. Will what came before continue to mean something? Must good things come to an end? Life is change, is it not? We can’t always stay in the past, as comfortable as it may be, because living is about moving. To strive, to seek as TennysonContinue reading “Is this the end of the line?”