Beer’s Bitch

‘Beers bitch’, Charlie babbled— slurry speech a game of scrabble. Charlie was a bitch to the beer, drinking Mabble’s Apple Schnapple in every pre-drink debacle. ‘Berrz Bit-ch’ Charlie babbled, kissing the winking witch holding a crab apple. Mabble: His wife in his train wrecked life. At two to the gallon, he glugs like a fish.Continue reading “Beer’s Bitch”


My name was a hushed wonder scrubbed across hills, with chalk symbols declaring my godhood to the shimmering heavens. Humans asked for my permission, and mine alone, to feed off my cornucopia. As an infant would suckle on their mother’s breast, the juiciest apples, fertile land, healthy animals; everything. But they worship at other altarsContinue reading “Cernunnos”

The Purest Pantheon, Dais One

The etchings have faded from her stand, leaving half-words: Briseis Fair. The name of the lady immortalised in stone? From one angle, she is cast in pose dancing with devilish delight in her own world, as diamonds gleam across her neck. But her beauty was destroyed in the dead-light, as I turned to face herContinue reading “The Purest Pantheon, Dais One”

A Mask in The Road

Written during Poetry Health Service (PHS) Writing Workshop, this is but one of so many ideas that were inspired by it. The event was hosted by the amazing poet Hafsah Bashir, for Man Met Poetry Society members, and it was a very enjoyable experience. What do you think of this poem? Let me know inContinue reading “A Mask in The Road”

A Stuffed Fox In A Rouge Box

A stuffed Fox in a Rouge Box, surfing through back-yards and tufts of grass— like big kahuna waves, bold as brass! Rummaging for meat that’s crass. Plastic and elastic fill the interior space where life once belonged, soul sent to the afterlife by the clinical slices from a taxidermist’s knife: Stuffing, wire, and its killer’sContinue reading “A Stuffed Fox In A Rouge Box”