Bettle’s Bluff

King, Queen, and Jack try to play each other off in an elaborate game where bluff, deceit and intrigue is found in equal measure. Cigar wisps waft across the table, hanging over the game, laughing at the suits each three held in their palms. All three gripped secret qualms close to chests, Keeping to theirContinue reading “Bettle’s Bluff”


From the archives, ‘Tarneeb’ is my first try at writing a Ghazal. Hope you enjoy! In a bāzār sat four Persian Sheiks, nock-knees under the table                              playing Tarneeb—none willing to lose a single pisar. Fearing their wives beating them into agar, the Sheiks eyed the dough on the table, which could buy nine of theContinue reading “Tarneeb”