The Purest Pantheon, Dais One

Sculpture by Michael James Talbot

The etchings have faded from her stand, leaving half-words: 
Briseis Fair. 
The name of the lady immortalised in stone?

From one angle, she is cast in pose
dancing with devilish delight in her own world,
as diamonds gleam across her neck.

But her beauty was destroyed in the dead-light,
as I turned to face her anew.

Splayed hands grasp for air, 
stiffer than a corpse
as her mouth screams.
Spliced neck, 
she claws at the guttural wound,
shaped like lips around her throat—
another mouth for The Father to kiss goodnight.
Bleeding diamond rivulets of cold, dead stone.

Briseis Fair, with the beauty of a blooming rose,
plucked soon, too soon.

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© Thomas Gallimore Barker, 2021



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